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Custom Car Remapping

The car enthusiasts are always looking for some magic tricks to enhance the performance of their vehicles. There are various methods and some aftermarket performance accessories that can help you bring the performance of your car to an advanced level. Custom Car Remapping is also one of the techniques which can boost up your car’s performance with less effort. If you are a hard core performance lover and you want to know about custom car mapping then this article is definitely going to benefit you a lot. All you need is to just stick to the post till the end. 

Why is Custom Car Remapping so Important?

The purpose of custom car remapping is manifold. It can result in various benefits to a car owner as follows:

Custom Car Remapping offers:

  • Enhanced Engine Power
  • Increased Fuel Efficiency
  • Better Throttle Response
  • More Power and Torque 

How Custom Car Remapping is done?

In present times, car engines are normally controlled by a small computer named the Engine Control Unit (ECU). The ECU is responsible for fuel supply control. It controls a series of functions like the amount of fuel to be supplied in unit time, when to burn fuel and whether it should be a rich fuel mixture or lean fuel mixture according to the load etc. It has got standard settings by the manufacturer to provide a certain performance and economy. However, it can be customized to get personalized results by Custom Car Remapping.

Thus, Custom Car Remapping also known as “Chipping”. Custom Car Remapping is in fact a reprogramming of the ECU of your car. In this process, a third party software with customized settings is installed to the ECU. This is done by connecting a laptop with the OBD serial port in your car. So it can be done in very little time with no considerable effort required. Nonetheless, in old fashioned cars, they used to replace the whole chip removing the previous one. That is because it is also known as chipping.

What to be considered before Custom Car remapping?

Since Remapping of your car is just not an alteration of the ECU software, it can result in many hardware related changes as well. It all depends upon the tuning company that you have hired for remapping services. Ultimately, the custom software writer must have calculated all the risks and benefits carefully to design a well optimized program for achieving a desirable performance and economy in your vehicle.

Notable Considerations

Here are some notable considerations that your car may experience some bad effects if the ECU is not remapped wisely. Here are some issues that you may have to face as:

You may experience:

  • Clutch Plates may rag out because of increased engine power.
  • Engine may heat up more rapidly.
  • Some sort of component failure.
  • Your warranty is likely to void.
  • Your vehicle insurance may not remain valid.

Therefore, you need to wisely choose a professional tuning company for the custom car remapping.

Bottom Line

The final takeaway from the above discussion is that Custom Car Remapping can magically multiply the performance and economy of your car to enjoy more of your vehicle’s engine. However, you must be careful enough to go with some professional tuning company in order to get a safe and protective car performance optimization.