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Airbags Crash Data Reset Service

The BGJ MotorSport proudly announces its matchless and highly professional Airbag Crash Data Reset Services with zero compromise on quality and value. It is commonly observed that after a road accident the airbags of your vehicle would get inflated. Therefore, people normally replace the airbag and airbag module as well. However, the BGJ MotorSport is at your service to provide you a top notch airbag module crash data reset after every collision you meet on the road. This way you will not have to buy a new airbag module and you will be able to save an extra amount with a magical crash data reset. So don’t be hesitant to Fill the Thrill in Your Ride with the BGJ MotorSport.

Why Do You Need Crash Data Reset?

It was commonly observed in the past few decades that car enthusiasts used to replace the airbags after a collision on the road. It was quite an expensive solution to fix the problem. However, with the crash data reset option you can get your airbag module restored to its previous form in no time with negligible budget.

Function of Airbag Module

Airbag Module is originally a computer attached to an airbag system. The basic purpose of this module is to read and write the data for the performance and functioning of various parts which are linked to it like airbag, sensors, clockspring and seat belt etc. When your vehicle collides heavily with some other object (vehicle) on the road, the airbag module writes crash data in its memory chip. After the collision the airbags go inflate, the airbag lights go off and ultimately the airbag module becomes useless.

In the past, there was a practice to replace the airbag module altogether as a remedy to “useless airbag module”. However, you can get the issue fixed with a Crash Data Reset in the current times.

Notable Consideration

You must consider not to drive the vehicle when it requires crash data reset, even though it can run on the road without an airbag module. Otherwise, the passengers inside the vehicle including you may receive some serious accident as well.

In case the hardware of the airbag module is damaged due to an accident or earthquake or fire, then it will be difficult to reset it.

How to approach BGJ MotorSport for Availing a Crash Data Reset Service?

If you meet a serious road accident and find the airbag module of your car seemingly useless, all you need now is to just remove the airbag module and note down it’s model number and send it to the BGJ MotorSport. We would reset the codes in accordance with the same model number as is of your airbag module.

Why Should You Choose the BGJ MotorSport?

The BGJ MotorSport will dispatch the airbag module to you after reset within 24 hours. You will not see any difference in its performance as it will behave in the same way as the new one. However, in case of damaged hardware, you will need to get it calibrated. Therefore, you must approach the BGJ MotorSport for a quick and professional Crash Data Reset without giving it a second thought because Excellence is Our Habit.